Candied/Sugared Pecans

Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday!  I know I have been absent for a while and have been super busy with other projects, but wanted to make sure I post this fun recipe that I make every year for the holidays.


1 egg white

1 tbsp water

1 cup of sugar

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1lb of pecan halves

First things first! Heat your oven up to 250.  You want to place your egg white and water in a mixing bowl and mix until the solution becomes a nice foamy and frothy solution.

In a second bowl, you will mix together your sugar, salt, and cinnamon.  Then place this off to the side.

With the bowl that has the egg white and water solution, you will now stir in your one pound of pecan halves.  Make sure to stir these up well until all of the halves are nicely coated with the egg white solution.

Take you pecans and place these in the sugar combination and stir these very well.  You want to make sure than all of your pecans are nicely coated.

Once you have your pecans coated, spread these out on a non stick cookie sheet.  You will cook the coated pecans for one hour, and make sure to stir them every 15 minutes to prevent sticking!

Let cool and enjoy!

Later I will post my sweet potato casserole recipe that has these wonderful sugared pecans chopped finely and used as a topping! Stay tuned…..

Candied Sugared Pecans




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