What is Gobza? Have you heard of it? Here is a little info I have put together.

Have you heard of Gobza yet?  I have been bombarded with all kinds of things lately, and this one the most! I have passed businesses with signs, seen a ton of Facebook requests, etc. I was even invited to one of those big business dinner pow-wows. (I hate those) but I had to know what this was all about, and so I did a little research.

Gobza is a new industry, and like nothing you have seen before! Its goal is to become the preferred Internet and Mobile advertising and purchasing platform… worldwide. Its going to be a new revolution, Seriously! But haven’t we heard this before? How many MLM things are out there? And is this just another clever little thing? Actually, NO, its not! (So yes, it is now safe to read on…)

Who is going to benefit from Gobza?

1. Consumers

2. Businesses

3. Non Profits

But how will this help all of the above? Gobza for consumers is going to be a search engine for savings.  When you want to find the best deals, and at the best price, you are going to look it up on your Gobza mobile App. ( This app will launch soon, and will be able to be accessed through ALL mobile platforms. ) Want to go to the Spa? Look up the local deals on Gobza. Want a deal at a restaurant for lunch? Look it up on Gobza. Anything, anytime, you are going to be using this App.

I personally can’t wait for this app! If you are like me, you have a ton of “store” Apps on your phone, and my phone has 5 pages I have to scroll through on my home screens! I can’t wait to delete those Apps and replace them with ONE.

How does Gobza help out the business owner? Gobza will allow FREE advertising for businesses large and small!  You can create an ad anytime and have it run for as long or short as you want. No contracts!  No more expensive advertising campaigns and wondering who is really seeing your ads, and are you targeting the right market? This is a whole new medium! This is going to be the small business owners new best friend.

How can Gobza help with Non Profits? This site is going to be used as a FREE and easy tool for fundraising.  How awesome is that? And there are tons of businesses and non profits already signed up!

As I did more research into the site, the one thing I noticed and everyone else will too, is the word FREE. How often do we see the word FREE, and think, “OH NO, Where is the catch?”  Well I could not find it.  This is truly a new medium of business. This is going to revolutionize the way people shop, businesses advertise, and non profits raise money.

The burning question everyone has, is “What’s in it for me?” Easy.  When you want to find a great deal, you are going to look it up on Gobza. It won’t matter what you are looking for, you are going to find it.  This is not just for anyone, this is for EVERYONE.

Another burning question: Is this an MLM? The short and quick answer, NO. This is not an MLM. You are not purchasing anything, and you are not trying to get your friends and family to purchase anything, and you aren’t going to tick off every person you know by trying to get them to spend their hard earned money on the “next best thing”. This is basically a FREE APP for you to find GREAT DEALS for WHATEVER YOU WANT! You just have to SIGN UP FOR IT!

So how does Gobza benefit you, me, and the neighbors? Simple! Its called spreading the word. First of all, they do have a system that can make money. “Just tell as many people as you can about Gobza. Then when Businesses that sign up sell something or Shoppers buy something – you make a commission… every time!”

You sign up four of your friends or businesses, and they do the same, and etc, etc. When your friend who signed up cashes in on a deal, you get 2% of that.  When a business you sign up has a deal, and people purchase from it, you get 2% of that. Is this going to make you rich? Probably not! Is this going to add up to a nice little annual check, it sure will. I won’t mind getting a check for $.50 or $50.  All of this because I shared with my friends the newest platform out there, and it is going to officially go public next month. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like to SAVE money?( I am a Hobby Lobby shopaholic, and I use their App and coupon for 40% off EVERYTIME i go!) Gobza is going to be EVERYTHING!

“The spirit of Gobza is to share, to help, to pass freely. Go have Gobza fun, share Gobza experiences and make Gobza bucks doing it.”

Long story short, don’t be scared, be savings-minded and get signed up early! Share it with your friends. Save, have fun, and share it! It is going to revolutionize the way we shop and save and search!

If you have any further questions, go check out Gobza.  They have a TON of information on the website.

I hope you found this useful, and finally know what all of the fuss is about!


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