I Mustache You a Question..

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

This summer I have had a great time working with my Etsy store, and creating lots of fun and new things. I have a fun little stepson who totally adores this shirt, and thinks it is hilarious anytime he wears it.

So here is my question now that school has started and the summer is officially winding down….what was your favorite thing this summer? What fun memories did you and your family make?
Come on, share it! I will share mine first!

We went to the beach this summer and had an opportunity to stay at a friend’s beach house in Navarre, FL. It was HEAVEN. There were dolphins, fun beach games, new friends made, sand castle‘s built, tents and baby pools set up on the beach. The funnest and scariest part? The SAND CRABS. Yes!!! We went sand crabbing at night and it was fun and scary! Lots of little kids screaming and running with glee, flashlights, nets, and lots of crabs!

Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach

Grilling out and relaxing on the deck at night and listening to the waves…

Watching the sun set every day…

We hated to go, but we all have that wonderful memory of the beach in the summer of 2012.

So what is your favorite memory?

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2 Responses to I Mustache You a Question..

  1. Favorite memory of this summer: riding bikes in the rain on Peak’s Island in Maine. It was misty, salty, and wonderful. It reminded us of Ireland. We got back to the village, soaked through and starting to be chilly. We finished the Irish vibe by drinking hot tea on the porch of the local inn while we waited for the ferry back to Portland.

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