Beef tips and rice, It’s what’s for dinner!

Being a busy mom, home cleaner, boo boo fixer, dog and cat chaser, and all around runner, I have to make meals that are quick and easy, but GOOD!

I have one that is my all time favorite, easy go to recipe! Its beef tips and rice! How easy is this? Super! Would you believe it takes less than 10 minutes prep time to make?? Here’s how!


Beef stew meat, cut to proportion

1 whole onion

Salt and Pepper to taste

2 packages of instant brown gravy mix


instant rice

Beef Stew Recipe Ingredients

Beef Stew Recipe Ingredients

How to:

The first thing I do is open up the package of beef tips and rinse them. I then place these in a busy mom’s lifesaver, the CROCKPOT, and turn on low.



After that, I chop up a whole onion, and then season the meat and onion with salt and pepper as desired.

When finished, add enough water to cover the beef tips and onion, and then stir in the 2 packets of instant gravy mix. Put the lid on, and cook all day! (Do go and stir your beef tips every other hour or so if possible)

This all day in the Crockpot, on low, makes the beef tips super yummy and soft. When you are ready to eat it later, make your instant rice, and add some cheesy garlic toast, or a salad, whatever your choice.

Trust me, this is super simple, and super good!

Try it! You will be happy you did…

Beef Stew Recipe

Beef Stew Recipe


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