Pitter Patter!

It is summer, and I have been super busy with the kiddies.  From swimming, to cooking, to cleaning, to washing machines breaking (fun fun), to crafting and sewing!  Time flies when you have a million things pile up on your plate.  Now that I have more time in the day, I surely do not know how I did anything when I was working full time!  How in the world did I get anything done?

Lately I have been getting a few things together for the PinkWhen online children’s baby and toddler boutique.  While I am not focusing on just ONE thing, I am focusing on the age group.  From burp clothes to bibs, tag lovey blankets, and more!  It’s been fun, and I look forward to making more as the summer goes on.  As of now, it’s a “hiatus” from sewing until I can get the washing machine working again…have to prewash all of the fabrics!  Until then, take a look at some of the cool things I have been up to lately…

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Enjoying the world of blogging and crafting.
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