Minnie Mouse Floppy ear applique!

I love doing embroidery and applique.  This weekend I was asked by someone to make a floppy ear Minnie Mouse.  I wasn’t quite sure I was going to be able to do it, but I thought about it a bit, and this is what I came up with.   This could be for a Mickey or a Minnie lover, and so cute with a name embroidered underneath!

This design was super quick and fun to do!  I have the steps and some pictures listed below. ( I must admit, I started having so much fun, I kept forgetting to grab the camera! But follow instructions and you will get the same results. )

1.  This first thing I did was hoop my fabric with medium cut away stabilizer on the back.  Once this was hooped, I took another piece of fabric and attached some light bonding to it.  I placed this on top of the hooped fabric, with the bonding facing up towards me.

2.  The second thing I did was stitch out the ears.  This took a quick minute to do.

3.  After I stitched out the ears, I cut them out.  When cutting them out, I made sure not to cut too close to the stitching. Once I cut around the ears, I then cut off a small end on each ear, and then was able to pull the ear inside out.  This now should show you the right sides of the fabric.

4.  After I did that, I made the circle on my machine for the face.  Once the face was stitched, I paused the machine and taped the ears onto the face, so I could get them exactly where I wanted them, and they would stay.  I then placed another stitch around the ears so that I had the ears attached to the face.

5.  I then placed my face fabric on top of the face outline, and did another facial stitch.  Once that was complete, I cut around the fabric, and careful around the ears so I wouldn’t amputate an ear. 🙂

6.  After the fabric was cut away, I let the machine go and finish the final stitches.

All done!

This was so easy and super cute.  This would be super cute on a little yellow, pink, or white puffy sleeved shirt for girls, and with their name embroidered underneath!  What a fun little shirt for that special Disney vacation, or for the Disney lover in us all!



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