What have I been up to lately?

Not sure about you, but I have a TON of friends who are having babies!  What a great idea to make them something special for them and their new little one?

Above are some cute little cloth diapers I took and embroidered and embellished for the new little ones.

These are easy and fun to make! See steps below:

1. Grab a pack of the tri fold Gerber or Carter cloth diapers.  You can get these in packs of 6-10.  Make sure you pre-wash these so you don’t get shrinkage after you design. Then take a hot steam iron to them to flatten them back out.

2. Next, make sure you wash any applique cloth as well.  You want to make sure all of the shrinkage is out of those as well.

3.  Gather your supplies! The thread colors and the ribbon accents you want for your burpys!

4. I set these in the hoop with tear away stabilizer.  Set my design, and let my machine do all of the work.  These little designs don’t really take much time at all. 🙂

5. Once you have your designs, make sure to cut and seal your ribbon ends so they don’t fray. Place the ribbon in place, and use a straight stitch or zigzag ro hold in place.

6. Suddenly you have great baby shower gifts, or just fun gifts!





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