Watermelon Applique!

So today was a fun day with some applique!

I am getting into the spirit of summertime, and what better summertime treat than a little watermelon?

I love doing these little applique designs! Addy must must must not have plain shirts or onesies! 🙂

While I am adding the order of directions below, I must admit I did NOT take pics as I went along.  However, I am placing the info below for the order of how I designed this.

1.  The first thing I did for this plain little shirt was download the applique design that I wanted to place on the shirt.

2. I prewashed the shirt and the fabric that I wanted to use for the applique, for this design, it is the red and white polka dot material.

3. Once dry, I then took the iron to both pieces to get the wrinkles out.

4. After placing the design on my machine and hooping the shirt, I then let the machine make the first outline design of where my watermelon would go.

5. I then took some wonder under and ironed that on to the red material before I placed it on the hoop over the outline of the watermelon.  Make sure you take the backing off of the fabric!

5. Once this was set on, I let my machine go ahead and make its outline stitch around the added fabric.  Once this is done, make sure you keep the shirt in the hoop, but release the hoop from the machine so you can cut around the leftover fabric.

6. Once you are done cutting around the red fabric close to the stitch, then place your hoop with shirt back on the machine and set up for the final stitch.

7. Once the melon stitch was complete, the machine went and added the little seeds. This took two minutes.

8. After the watermelon was complete, I then found a little font for her name and had that added to it.

9.  The next step was to ruffle the ribbon I wanted to use.  I ruffled by putting the length and tension on my machine as high as it would go. I double the length of ribbon I would use to make sure I have enough once the ruffle shortens the length.

10. After sewing the ribbon around the watermelon, I just made a mini hair bow and added it to the shirt! Super easy, and super fun!

Next time I will make sure to take a picture of all of these steps. 🙂



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