Another dressed up onesie…

I have had another cute little idea today with the Silhouette machine.  Addy has so many little white onesies, and I really like to try and dress these up, but never really have had the time or the machinery, until now!

My little ballerina Addy is learning to walk, and when she does walk, she walks on her toes…so what better little outfit than a onesie with some slippers that says Ballerina!

The first thing I did was get into the Silhouette studio and find some ballet shoes…and a font to put Ballerina in.

After I had this set, I had the Silhouette machine cut it out in sticky vinyl and placed it on the onesie. I went back and forth between heat transfer and fabric ink, but decided I like the retro look of the fabric ink, especially after it has been washed a few times.  After setting,  I then decided on my color and placed that on the outline for her onesie.

I let the fabric ink dry, and then I pulled up the vinyl.  Once that was complete, I set a light cloth over the design and placed an iron to it to make sure the fabric ink set.

Once that was complete, I added a little ribbon to the shoes…just like a little Ballerina!!  Can’t wait to see my little Ballerina in her new little onesie…and yes, probably adding a TuTu!



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2 Responses to Another dressed up onesie…

  1. pamela says:

    That is just adorable! I can’t wait to see her in it.

    • pinkwhen says:

      Me too! She’s been so sick today, so no modeling for her today 🙂 Will try tomorrow.

      Sent from my iPhone, so please excuse any typo’s or errors!!!

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