Embellished Onesie! Love this!


I love putting little Addy in onsies, but I hate that they are so plain.  I always want to do something to dress them up…so today I did just that!

1. The first thing I did was get out the Silhouette machine.  I knew I wanted to put something on there, and I always love adding her name, so I went into my Silhouette Studio and found a tag I had downloaded and added that to my screen.  I then went to the text option and added her name.

2. After I had the design set like I wanted, I had the Silhouette cut it our with sticky vinyl, and placed it on the onesie.


3.  Once I had the vinyl set on the onsie the way I wanted, I got out the fabric paint…there are so many colors to choose from, but I thought this would be cute if I added two.  So I picked out my pink colors and filled in all of the open spaces.  Making sure before I started that the vinyl was sticking well to the fabric beforehand, so there is no bleed thru.


4.  After letting the fabric ink dry overnight, I added embellishments to her onesie.  Some leftover ribbon from hairbows, and some little bows with pearls set in the middle.  I used some Mighty Mendit to attach the ribbon and bows and added a little hand sewn stitch just to make sure they were on well.


All done!

I can’t wait to put this on her later and maybe add a cute little TuTu and outfit will be complete!  I will take a pic and post her in it when the sleeping princess is awake.


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