Crawfish Hand Towel

I have been searching HIGH and LOW for a good crawfish design to use on hand towels for the kitchen.  I have never been able to find one I liked…until this weekend!!! The catch, it wasn’t for embroidery, it was on a plastic cup!!  So being all crafty, I had to improvise…

I took the cup and cut out the crawfish, and then made a copy of it on my computer printer.  Yay!

After that, I used my Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold embroidery creating tool and I traced the body of the crawfish!   I then made it larger, and made some of my own little changes.  I took the legs off for one, they didn’t look like they belonged on the image.  Then I added the colors, and added my little saying on the program as well.  Then all was left to do was set and embroider!

Here is the finished product!!  What do you think???


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2 Responses to Crawfish Hand Towel

  1. pamela says:

    That is super cute!

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