Fresh Beat Band Question…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day!  Make sure you answer all of the questions here and every day I will send the correct answer entries to Macaroni Kid, and hopefully on Friday YOU will win the family four pack to the Fresh Beat Band!  Here is the first of five questions:


What is the name of ONE of the band members?


Remember to answer here, and make sure to like PinkWhen on Facebook!  Every night I will post a new question, and the correct entries at the end of the week will be grouped and one lucky winner will win a family four pack to the Fresh Beat Band!!


Happy Sunday!  Good Luck everyone!




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17 Responses to Fresh Beat Band Question…

  1. angela says:

    Yvette gonzales nacer

  2. Jennifer Miller says:


  3. Twist- John Beavers
    Marina- Tara Perry
    Shout- Thomas Hobson
    Kiki- Yvette Gonzales Nacer

  4. pinkwhen says:

    Everyone is doing so well!!

  5. Desiree Reese says:

    Shout, Marina, Kiki and Twist

  6. Tara Mulleneaux says:

    Shout, Marina (miss the original one!),Kiki and Twist! 🙂

  7. Carissa Jones says:


  8. Shout, Marina, Kiki and Twist!! ❤ them!!

  9. Ronda says:

    Thomas Hobson – Shout

  10. angela says:

    sorry did you ask for their real name or for the character names?

  11. pamela says:


  12. Twist and Shout, my son’t favorite characters!

  13. Sandrine McClatchey says:

    John Beavers (Twist)

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